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How to Compare Car Insurance Quotes

There are hundreds of insurance companies that offer automobile insurance. Major insurance companies with nationwide operations and smaller insurance companies offer car insurance with attractive terms. To get the best deal customized and tailored according to your needs, you need to make a careful comparison of car insurance quotes. An independent broker can compare several quotes at once saving you considerable time.

Here are some things to consider while comparing car insurance quotes


Before purchasing insurance coverage for your car, it is smart to compare the rates (sometimes called premiums) by multiple insurance providers. Many insurance companies have online tools that help you arrive at the premium rate by entering your details including age, location, driving record and, credit score. You can also use the services of an independent insurance broker to get the best coverage at a lower cost.

Coverage Type

There are two types of automobile insurance policies. A comprehensive car insurance policy covers multiple accidents or events regardless of who is found to be at fault. A third-party automobile insurance policy covers accidents where an uninsured driver causes the accident and causes damage to your car. Comprehensive provides the best coverage and comparing quotes of companies offering both coverages will help you get excellent coverage at an affordable cost.


While a company may offer you the best coverage for the best price, it is smart to check their customer service record and whether they make the claim process simple. Checking consumer feedback and reports on websites like that of the Better Business Bureau can help you become an informed customer. Information will help you buy a policy from a reputable insurance company at an affordable price.

No Claim Bonuses

While comparing car insurance quotes, choose the insurance company that offers a no-claim bonus as part of their quote. A careful driver who does not make claims during the policy period is given a no-claim bonus. Getting the best deal while purchasing a policy includes making sure that the affordable policy with maximum coverage also offers no claim bonus benefits for a careful driver.

Insured Declared Value

The Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your car is the value of your car assessed by the insurance company. It will not be the resale value of the car but the amount that the insurance may pay if the car is stolen or damaged beyond repair. Different insurance companies assess the value of the car differently. Before comparing quotes, check the resale value of your car. This will help you make an informed choice of the quote that offers an IDV that is equal to the resale value of the car.

Add-on Coverage

Car insurance companies offer a wide range of additional coverages with comprehensive insurance policies. You can use these add-on coverages to customize the policy according to your needs. Some add-on coverages include roadside assistance and zero depreciation. Making a careful comparison of the many add-on coverages offered by car insurance companies will help you get the best deal among policies customized according to your needs.

If comparing quotes seems like a difficult task, consulting with an independent agent for auto insurance in Walla Walla will help make finding the best insurance deal easy. As an independent broker for Walla Walla car insurance brokers, we compare quotes from a wide range of companies and find the best options for your needs. Call today or fill out our easy online auto insurance quote form to get started.